New Yeezy 2018

Adidas Release Dates 2018

Since its exposure last year, Bape x adidas Dame 4 Green Camo, which has captured the headlines of major trend media, is now about to debut! The relationship between adidas and BAPE has always been good, but this time you choose basketball shoes Dame 4 cooperation, may fall below everyone’s glasses, but after you read the SD editing team out of the box details, you will forget this past old ideas, and prepare A pair of lucky money is used to start with.

This should be the best note for this pair of shoes! Shoes and street culture are no longer separated, or we can say that both sides have drawn each other’s inspiration to inject a new soul into the design. The Harajuku Ancestral Grand A Bathing Ape and the adidas brought together Dame 4, a black shoe box without too many cumbersome designs, and only writes two big LOGOs, but these two big signs alone can reveal the hidden inside. Powerful gas field. The internal protection paper is also full of the full version of the deaf flag, which is not missed at all!

The New Yeezy 2018 sneakers are covered with classic camouflage and written in BAPE’s representative shark totem and WGM (World Gone Mad) fonts. The brand’s big signs are assembled on one shoe, even after the SD editing team sees it. All of them were also amazed that “This is the most sincere joint name!” The lace heads also inject “A BATHING APE®” and the brand’s Japanese characters, and even the interior of the insole is full of joint sincerity. The English abbreviation “YKWTII” at the heel then symbolizes Lillard’s famous saying “You Know What Time It Is”.

Adidas Release Dates 2018

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