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This season looked at the beards, and in addition to the varied offensives such as the European step and the retreat of the signboard, the assists developed in the last quarter of the season, this season, they also found Paul’s captain to make two shots. People are double guards who can help the offensive and make the height of rocket launch this year double directly, let alone Harden’s skill in buying fouls. Curry is even described as artistic by Curry. The NBA rules also change the foul scale of ball offenses. Called HARDEN RULE, it also caused many discussions in this year’s playoffs, because many golfers don’t know about the change of Harden’s rules and they continue to describe it as a black whistle. Harden rules the most important thing is to hold the ball offense.

No one will blow the penalty shot if he does not make a shot before the foul. In the past, many foul shots were taken to get a free throw. Now, no penalty will be awarded.
This season, Harden’s training in offensive stability and physical fitness, his obvious muscle changes in stature and the blessings of the scoring team this year all directly helped beard to endorse the book, and the newly published Harden chapter 2 also made Curious about his functionality, to what extent it evolved.

The shoe box continued the appearance of the first generation, but came to Chapter 2.

First of all, you can see that the bottom midfielder Boost, which is almost overflowing, is the pair of basketball shoes used by adidas so far. The most direct use of Adidas Ultra Boost is a set of feet. It is very straightforward to feel the flexibility and feedback of the midsole. Boost’s good, of course, do not need to say more.
In the shoe upper, multi-level design, super shoelace hole allows you to freely wear shoelaces according to your feet, increasing the coverage.
Weaving the toe cap and the straps in the middle of the shoe. There are so many things to say in this shoe upper.

The first shoelace hole is the strap connected to the upper, and on the sock-type tongue, Harden’s logo is still handsome!!
(But the other Harden logos in the shoes are hidden. For example, the inside stable piece and the cup-shaped stabilizer plate inside the heel, unless after the release of a transparent outsole.

And looking at the mid-bottom full Boost, in fact, the height of the shoes is not so high, only about half higher, so wear it like the extension of the midsole, both feet are extended on both sides of the Boost midsole At the same time, it also solved the stability of Boost in the midsole.

For Harden’s entry into the pace, the stability of the forefoot is relatively high, so there are cage-like plastic materials on both sides of the forefoot covering the forefoot midsole, which is relatively stable to wear.

Although the heel’s super-large stable film design is said to be designed for Harden’s retreat step, including the fact that there is also an increase in the ring around the ring, stability and legging has a good performance, but the total With a hint of insecurity, perhaps the elasticity of the ankle is too low.

Inside the socks type, in the design of the ankle, the use of thermal bonding combined with 2 pieces of plastic material, must wear a sock in the system over the Ah ~
These two pieces of super-squeegee (I want to brush the presence of it??), had wanted to wear handsome socks said.
However, the convenience of wearing off is really good to say, just pull a set just fine.

As far as the heel is concerned, the appearance is very subjective.

Perhaps the continuation of a generation of irregular bottom nicks, the performance of the grip will be relatively good on the indoor.
In fact, the built-in large-area stable film, so that the stability of the entire pair of shoes is really excellent, with the elasticity of the midsole Boost, in the end performance, really good!!

In terms of type, Ding Zi himself is wearing Adidas Harden Vol. 2 Maroon, but the straps in the middle of the shoes will feel a bit cramped to many people, so it is recommended to try on the main one.As for the shortcomings of this pair of shoes, in addition to the price (poor ~), it is a weight, you go to the shoes store to touch first, you will understand ~ just the needs of each person is not the same, according to your needs to choose the shoes you want ^^

Adidas Harden Vol. 2, Adidas Release Dates 2018

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