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Adidas Release Dates 2018

Ekman is addressing a group of 20 media members and runners at a private dinner in Nuremberg, Germany, just about a 30 minute drive from the company’s global headquarters. The product he’s referring to in his welcome speech, which was followed by other non-professional athletes sharing their personal stories about why they began running, is the Adidas Solarboost.

BOOST midsole shows quite steady cushioning in the heel
Feeling fluent and running faster and faster
The outer sole of the forefoot expands and everyone is relieved

Points to note
Under long time with the relatively hot air permeability

Reasons to be attracted
I was very interested in high-tech process technology because I was a student in college during my college years. I was attracted to adidas Futurecraft planning. Besides the most familiar midsole, I used milling to sketch the leather and applied it to this SOLARBOOST Tailored. Fibre Placement fiber-reinforced support technology is a modern display, so that originally all directed at that three-dimensional shoe, but BOOST unexpected performance show amazing performance, which is another matter.

Structure introduction

Front half of the body
The flexible system made of elastic mesh fabric is better than the general mesh stretchability, and uses stickers to strengthen the lateral support, and is reinforced in the two areas of the thumb and the small mother finger, and the edge of the lining toe also has a circle of stickers. , increase the life of the upper. The toe cap is connected with the tongue to form a semi-indoor boot system. The two sides of the tongue will extend to the shoe bed, but do not cover the rear half of the tongue. There is a filler in the tongue and the track is used to reduce the sliding phenomenon.

The rear half of the body
The rear section is strung from the shoe side Tailored Fibre Placement. It is connected to the elastic textiles on both sides of the heel and the Achilles’ heel. The inner side of the shoe’s mouth is lined with a filler to strengthen the fit, followed by the Fit counter opening. Lower to the top of the bottom, the range of activities has improved.

Midsole and Outsole
The entire midsole uses BOOST technology in 85% of the space, and the rest includes a stiffer, stiffer Solarboost Propulsion Rail midsole, TORSION SYSTEM and ContinentalTM brand tire outsole. Structurally, Solarboost Propulsion Rail is located on the upper edge of the bridge, protruding upwards in the mid-to-next section and forming a supporting surface with a plastic Fit counter. It has a gradual effect, so that the locking effect is not too abrupt. The anti-twist film (fresh orange) continues adidas Energy Boost 2017 shape, and the tandem feeling of the middle bridge extending to the front palm is further enhanced.

Outsole is equipped with Stretchweb mesh pattern, and retains the final shape with the outstretched shape to avoid BOOST becoming the first touch point when running. After all, how to deploy BOOST is still larger when the pressure is applied.

Although these were designed with long distance runners in mind, the streamlined look could make them a favourite amongst sneakerheads. Who knows, the Solar Boost could be the new Ultra Boost!


SOLARBOOST In addition to being familiar with the familiar softness, “stability” is a very amazing part. The dual density material is formulated with a stable gait, with the front sole of the midsole expands the design, and the large area touches the ground so that every step is at ease. So dare to run faster and faster, from the beginning of the 7-speed, after the habit gradually adjusted to 5 points half speed, and even test the sprint sprint, of course, the touchdown time is still long, after all, SOLARBOOST positioning is still long-distance running shoes.

The temperatures at the time of the tests were all about 30 degrees. It was true that there was a buildup of heat in the wearer’s body. It was evident after a full day of use. Of course, it was not very uncomfortable, but it was covered with comfort and ventilation. Between expedients, at the expense of some coolness for a better comfort experience, personally think it is still a worthwhile transaction.

In fact, just after the test was finished, there was a light rain. No matter whether the asphalt, wooden plank or PU playground had slippage or lack of grip, the abrasion resistance could be judged from the fine grain of the big bottom. It was about 20 km down, except for the heel. It also touches the complete convex grain.


The overall adidas SOLARBOOST gives people peace of mind and stability, so that it can be boldly accelerated. BOOST has a soft cushion in the back, and the Tailored Fibre Placement technology is quite forward-looking. The actual results are also worth noting. Technology is powerful because it can be easily changed during production. Future development is worth looking forward to. Of course, breathability is the most regrettable aspect of this pair of shoes, which is called a pass. Perhaps this also echoes the name SOLAR meaning (laughs). Seismic or pursuit of stable runners, version of the individual think that the original size can be.

Adidas Release Dates 2018

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