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Adidas Release Dates 2018

Adidas Originals POD-S3.1, the name of the abbreviation is quite scientific, its biggest feature is the three-stage midsole design, forefoot EVA, middle bridge support, followed by BOOST cushioning technology, but I I prefer to use the past, present and future metaphors. POD-S3.1 carries the soul of the past, meets us today, and has a vision for the future. Let us count the shoes together. Intention.

The core concept of POD or Point of Deflection System is the bridge’s anti-twist film, combined with the smooth running movement brought by the 1989 Torsion support system, and the 1995 running shoe EQT CUSHION 95 split the middle and bottom into two sections. Podular Sole, even the forefoot also continues the characteristics of its EVA material and the big bottom texture, and finally in 2013 BOOST technology is undoubtedly one of the major changes in the midsole.

Simplicity is the impression of adidas Originals POD-S3.1. The mesh upper is used as the base, and the elastic pull ring and the film TPU are injected. The streamline outline highlights the structural lines of the midsole, and the black color is like a black curtain. Fluorescent green and blue light colors are like visual focus, and the future atmosphere is more unique than the popular chunky old shoes.

Following the SPEEDFACTORY and Brooklyn Farm laboratories of adidas, MakerLab, which spans all departments, is also worthy of attention. Nic Galway, senior vice president of global design, and design director Remy Eyraud are among them. Of course, they are also POD-S3. 1 The important pusher behind it, finding inspiration from industrialized footwear, and finally giving birth to this new look to the future, POD will have more examples of cooperation in the future, Nic Galway said.

Adidas Release Dates 2018

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