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James Harden has a new signature shoe releasing later this summer, headed to Asian markets first featuring Bounce cushioning with a $125 overseas exclusive, so what doest it look like ? what about the performance ?

Let’s check that now.

The Harden B/E 2 features a circular knit upper atop a Bounce midsole (the same cushioning used on the original). This Footwear White/Power Red colorway uses a translucent outsole with a new traction pattern for multi-directional coverage. Is it will be stunning for this summer?

For the material: The whole pair of shoes is very smoothly and lightweight . thanks entirely to the hot-melt technology and the latest vamp knitting upper. In order to enhance the protection of toe ends, Harden b/e 2 used a dense plastic network.The part of toe protection is covered the part of the net cable .It was followed the last model .

Most of part was used knitted material which the most popular fabric weaving method at present. And the most important that it has better stretchability.The half of boost fits just have 4 shoelace holes, which makes the harden b/e 2 vamp seem simpler and easily .

Compare with the Layers upon layers which used in the Harden B/E , the Harden B/E 2 will be soft and comfortable . For me . I like this kind of material very much .

For the supporting : it is just so so for the supporting , most supporting from the material ,but the knit upper of Harden B/E 2 , it is soft and comfortable .Then it has been not the material of any outrigger or any extras, so the supporting is really not good .if you need the strong supporting , it is not the best option for you .

For the traction : a translucent outsole with a new traction pattern for multi-directional coverage. The grip is nice , but you should played inside of court . if you play outside , it will be worn quickly .Also it will be easy to collect the dusty.If dust got in the way I quickly wiped it away and forgot all about it until it happened again.

Here we tested in different way and different angle.

Overall, there will be more coloways for available in the future, then the nice midsole with great bounce ,and the material is nice ,how about this  Adidas Harden B/E 2?

Adidas Harden B/E 2

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